Arts for COP15 - Climate Change Art visualization

3 ideas that I believe can get some attention and narrow the gap between the every thing fill OK and the grave reality. I hope you can use or pass the ideas to someone who can make use of them. If something will materialized near the time of Copenhagen summit I will be happy to help it when I'l be at the summit.

Eyal Morag


Climate Tipping Point Demonstration

In the climate change talk there is the therm Tipping Point to describe a situation when climate could move to a different position without any more humane input (CO2)
"an point when global climate changes from one stable state to another stable state, in a similar manner to a chair tipping over. After the tipping point has been passed, a transition to a new state occurs." wikipedia

It is proper to give Tipping Point a more physical image and use the bout equivalent .

A boat in a position so inclined that the water are almost starting to go in from the side of the boat.
The basic idea can have all kind of versions from small row boat to oil tanker (I guess row boat has better chance but I like to imagine ship on its way to scrap beach In India )

A barge with garden trees some sheep ... but with one edge touching the water surface can be practical.

An option is to put some SUV on the low side with some people picnicking and enjoying that the water so near. Just 2 people enjoining a cap of coffee on the tipping boat? Maybe some smoke emerging from the hatch?

The flat bottom of a barge can be an advantage to keep the vessel from flipping over but some work to keep the water out will be needed .

In the reality it can be more impressive then the pic because I didn't really manege to tilt the Gera in Photoshop. Of course the barge or boat should come from Copenhagen and can be considerably smaller and the display should be adapted to the boat.

Other option
A ship with display of works of art or other items of interest in the cabins.

Cabins with portholes and the level of water surface in the middle of the portholes will be perfect for the display.
Displays can be made by artist from 5 continents we need all humanity to get ship earth strait .

Idea for displays some cute animals on the dock, real time video from Venezia , London and New Orleans
The Climate Tipping Point Demonstration can find a nice place in Copenhagen canal for the climate summit and the Thames before

At the start I thought the Biennale in Venezia that's the reason to the vaporetto station in the drawing .

Big Butterfly
or big thing can exist even if we can't see them.

The phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a system can have large effects elsewhere, a butterfly flapping its wings in Rio de Janeiro might change the weather in Chicago wordnet.princeton.edu Today We already released 500 billion tons of Carbon to the atmosphere that is a very ‬huge butterfly!

An outline of a big butterfly that can't be seen from normal view point but still is real
It can be made from all kind of materials, paint, shades, cars, soil ...
the bigger the better. the idea is that one who is on or near the Butterfly will not see it as we don't see climate change.
The trick is that from a high point it can be seen. and in this point will be a video camera that sand the image to a screen near the butterfly so people can see it and see that there something very real and very big. Of course the idea can work with writing big CO2 but I think a butterfly in more interesting and give the project some added value. It is more artistic chance to say something on tipping points, non linearity and chaos. And people are afraid of insects. For the COP conference at Bella Center (in the pic) it can be painted on the road if it will not covered by taxis with black cloth on the grass I feel It should go out of the taxi park . I guess that firm like Sony will be happy to arrange all the video for free (the image of the company worth more)

And less imaginative option but the message is clear.

This option can be seen only from camera on Vestas turbine. but it is real and above the delegate heads. It can be made of coal bags.
ether CO2 or butterfly not both

the text on West Antarctic Ice Sheet Greenland... and Sea Level hight should be in sync .

Thanks for the attention